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I support people who want to  turn their excuses into their excellence.

When I was 8 years old, I spoke in public for the first time in front of 200 people. I felt such a rush afterward and I loved the feeling so much, I would seek out any opportunity to get in front of others with a story or message. That was when I fell in love with making an impact. 

Since then, I have taken my life lessons, academics, and self-education and added my creativity to provide a shift in perspective so that I can deliver a concept in a way that someone may have heard a hundred times over, but the way they hear it from me gives them an a-ha moment and allows it to stick. 


As a child, I struggled with one parent telling me how horrible I was at any given moment and the other parent telling me I could be and do anything I put my mind to. That experience led me to learn how to develop and lean into consistent positive self-talk, own my choices and consequences, and how to not take myself too seriously. 

As a teenager, I struggled with depression and even attempted suicide. I understand how one can create a damaging self-perception that doesn't align with reality, yet feels so real and suffocating. I also know how to break out of it and find an exciting life with purpose. 

As a young adult, I suffered through a car accident that could have taken my life and that of my friend in the passenger seat. I know what it means to have a second chance at life, to not take it for granted, but to live it fully by contributing to others. 

As a step-mother and mother, I know what it is to lose yourself in giving all you've got to make other people happy without ever realizing what it means to make yourself happy. I entered into a depression that felt like an abyss within a maelstrom, so dark and so stormy, I was lost and hopeless. A single question sent me on a quest to free myself, and I rediscovered joy, intention, and manifesting. 

Today, I am on a mission to share my story and my message with entrepreneurs and business professionals who feel stuck as they're trying to level up their career, health, and relationships. I support them along the journey as they transform from seeing themselves as reactors to their circumstances into creators of the experiences they desire. 

Are you ready to be a CREATOR?

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