Increase positivity and productivity!

Maximize your day by mastering your self-talk and energy management. Learn the tactics that get you achieving more and stressing less! 

Raise the revenue, make more money!

Money likes speed! Clarity lets you make better and faster decisions so that you can close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Design your 90-day Momentum Map!

Keep it simple with customized daily steps so that you can move forward with confidence and accelerate through your goals! 

" Ly Smith is one of the most creative, positive, and helpful people I know... With her help, one year ago I started my dream business that is now thriving, despite the COVID situation. If you want to improve your own productivity, sales, mindset etc... or help a team in your company... You want to hire her!"

Kyle T.
Owner, Mythic Gymnastics

"I just love Ly's morning productivity tips! I have heard advice like hers before, but learning the reason behind why I am making these choices from her course, I find it is easier to take the better option. "

Mary B.
Owner, Blue Ice Essentials

Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts!

So many busy entrepreneurs and business professionals feel stuck wondering, "is this as good as it gets?" They may move through life on auto-pilot and want to feel more alive. If we flip the stress, what would a sweet life look like?

"The C.A.N.D.Y. Method to Your 90-Day Strategy" is about mastering the mindset, habits and self-integrity so that we can make more money, have more time and feel more energy! 

Ly has been implementing efficient and effective productivity methods for over 25 years. She uses this passion to help others who are stressed and overwhelmed to design a 90-Day Strategy with confidence so that they can turn their grrr's into their grrreatness! 

Ly provides workshops, group coaching, and keynote speeches on mind management, clarity and productivity. 


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